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Cutting Down Time Spent On Social Media

It was a beautiful snowy day today so I took some time to think about the past year and some things that went well and some things I realized needed to change.

The number one subject that popped into my head while I was endlessly scrolling all the wonderful artists on Instagram was the amount of time I was spending looking at what other creatives are doing. This can be extremely valuable to meet new artists while also learning a thing or two but it also can have a detrimental effect. The toll on my mental health was weighing on me the more I scrolled all the artist's wins, finished work, and amazing opportunities. Seeing the best side of everyone's lives made the perception of my life seem dull, uninteresting, and not reaching its full potential. I realized how much this was affecting my art, my own voice as well as my personal life. I know now that I would like to re-focus my energy and inspiration on meeting artist's in real life, looking through books, or taking more outside breaks in nature. A slower calm atmosphere while creating is more enriching and nourishes the mind and soul. I'm a sensitive person, so I need to really watch out for what kinds of media I consume. Anything I watch listen to and observe in my day to day affects what I create.

I'm sharing this with you because I both need to wright my thoughts down clearly so I fully understand where I need to change and hold myself accountable. I also hope that by me sharing these kinds of thoughts, I may help someone else realize that it may be affecting them as well and help improve their days and creativity.

I'm honestly really excited about changing how I use social media. It's a great tool in so many ways, I just need to be careful how I use it, or it will come back and bite me.

I will probably have more thoughts and experiences down the road to share with you all. For now, I will leave you with this....

You are on a very unique journey on this big beautiful planet and you can not compare yourself to anyone else. Own your differences because those are your strengths. No one has lived your life, and if you want, tell it to the world, as it is very much interesting and worthy to be shared.

Take Care,


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