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"My artwork is my passion. I use it to create a comforting space for myself and others. It's my meditation and a place I feel at home."

My passion is to create a unique experience for you through my artwork. I believe a piece of art can give a glimpse, into not only the soul of an artist, but the art collector as well. The artwork a person has on their wall offers a window into their personality.


I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. I spent my childhood roaming free and soaking up the natural habitat of the coastal seashore and forest. During my early years I would travel to my grandmother's homestead where ten acres of forest, gardens, and random collected objects were available for me to explore and learn. With just pencils, paper, and sometimes a marker or two, I would endlessly draw out my world. This is where it all started. A little girl with big ambitious dreams. ​


Three things about me




​ I sold my first large painting at an auction when I was 16. All the money was donated to the arts in my high school. It sold for the highest price. I didn’t win any of the awards, but I thought that was pretty darn cool. ​ ​




​ My two boys have watched me paint and work since they were born. I plan to have them more involved as they get older. What is impressive is that they both have natural entrepreneurial instincts! Young minds can soak up so much so fast! ​


 When Im out taking references with my camera I try my best to make it in the early mornings. The rising sun comes in at an angle and creates a dramatic light on the landscape. The sunlight creates dark shadows and many beautiful highlights on the moss, leaves, and sparkles on the water. 



 My sister and me.

My sister is now

an amazing Portrait



early 90's


The Art

"  One of the most fulfilling practices of my day is when I pick up the brush and something brand new appears in front of me"

Artwork tells a story. It sparks unique memories deep in your mind. My artwork focuses on creating landscapes that depict a moment in time through bold well thought out brush marks, light, and colour. The best feeling is when someone connects so deeply with a piece of my artwork that they have a story to tell me from it. Art is something to cherish forever so let's make your best memories shine or take you into another world through my artwork.  


I paint in my home studio in Campbell River, BC on Vancouver Island. I use mostly acrylics as they help me get my ideas and visions out faster than anything else.


I take my camera for a walk. The landscapes in my area are so therapeutic I can't help but paint them. I take as many photos as I can for future artwork.

Colour plays a huge role in my work. I believe colour can speak to how an artist or collecter is feeling at the time, what their needs are, and what they want to say. For example pink and purples can be happy and inspiring while also being comforting and loving. Blues and greens can also be comforting but soulful and deep. 

My desire is to create a world in which you can feel inspired, comforted, and joyful. I'm looking forward to growing with you as I explore new ideas in art.. I still feel like I'm at the beginning of my career as an artist and I thank all of those who have taken a little piece of my world home. 

If you would like a custom piece of artwork for your home please contact me with any questions you have.



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