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My Dear Coastal Rainforest,

You are home, you are rest, you are balance in a world of hustle. Your towering green everlasting canopies are busy with the familiar sounds of songbirds singing their orchestra. When spending time with your timeless giants I find myself listening to them creek and moan as they sway. A sound now rare yet unforgettable to the listened ear.

I feel a sense of wisdom in my surroundings as I reflect upon my own fleeting life. You have been here all along, creating and providing life, building your own world. You are an ancestor I can reach and feel, reminding me to slow and take in the present.

Undertones of sounds created by the wind like mother nature's musical instruments flow through the trees—warm sunshine bursts between the giants creating a warm magical glow. The sun illuminates the moss and leaves transforming them into sparkling gems, pleasing for my eye to look upon. You inspire me to recreate your essence on canvas. I long to capture the feelings, sounds, and scent of your beauty in all its raw, authentic splendor. I will be present in mind and spirit while capturing your giants.


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